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Your life is filled with memories, but your wedding day stands above all others.
This will be your One Perfect Day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we get into the question and answer section, I have to tell you a secret.
If you want to have a really, really great wedding - relax and have fun.
I've never seen a bad wedding. But I've seen a lot of stale weddings (most common with young couples getting married for the first time). Don't forget that it is a celebration, not a competition. Everybody who comes to your wedding is there because they love you and they want to share in the celebration.
If you have fun then your guests will have fun.

What sort of vows do you use?
Although I have had couples write the entire ceremony, most prefer to take my standard ceremony and make small modifications. Click on the following link to see a copy of my standard ceremony .

Can I sing my vows?
Can we get married on the beach?
Can we hold hands during the ceremony?
Can I include both Christian and Jewish traditions?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes. If you can dream it, we can do it. Every wedding is unique; and every family has special circumstances. Some couples want to be at the center of the ceremony, others want it to be a family affair. Some families have special traditions or beliefs handed down for generations, other want to start new traditions. It's your ceremony - we will do what you want.

What if I want to do something really crazy?
There are virtually no rules concerning the format and/or structure of the ceremony. You can get married at a rest stop on the Mass Pike, your pet Iguana can be your ring bearer, you can even wear pilgrim clothes and get married on the Mayflower. It's your ceremony - we will do what you want.
Each officiant has a responsibility to ensure that the bride and groom enter into the marriage under their own free will and with sufficient thought. He/she takes great care to ensure the solemnity of the occasion. In the rare instance where I feel that your ceremony lacks the necessary solemnity I will conduct a brief "pre-ceremony" in a quiet place with the bride and groom.

Can I write my own vows? (Do I have to speak?)
A wedding ceremony is about you giving yourselves to each other. That's why I encourage you to share your feelings aloud. I will gladly help you by providing you with samples. I will also work with you to organize your thoughts and feelings into the perfect vows.
On the other hand, many people aren't comfortable speaking in public. You always have the option saying, "I DO" and nothing more. It's your ceremony - we will do what you want.

Can my children be in the ceremony?
Of course. There are many ways to include family members and friends in the ceremony. Everyone can participate, not just children. A marriage is a celebration, and most people consider their involvement a great honor. Your loved ones can read poetry, recite their own vows, walk down the aisle, carry the rings, share in the candle lighting, etc. The possibilities are unlimited. You can even include loved ones who are unable to attend or have passed away. At the risk of repeating myself, It's your ceremony - we will do what you want.

Can you do a religious ceremony?
There are many people who believe in God but are not active members of any church. I also recognize the fact that there are many family situations that can be avoided by having a religious wedding. For these reasons I maintain my ordination as a non-denominational Christian minister. This gives you and your guests the freedom to refer to me as Reverend King if you are more comfortable doing so. I am very familiar with Christian ceremonies and many Jewish traditions. I would be happy to include any other religious practices that you like.

Can you do a non-religious ceremony?
A marriage is a spiritual union. There are 6 billion people in the world, and you found your one perfect match. If you don't believe that God plays a role in your marriage then you should not include Him in your ceremony. Rather than focus on what you don't want to say, I suggest that focus on your own spiritual beliefs and make sure that they are reflected in your ceremony.

Should I have a rehearsal?
About half of my weddings have rehearsals. They are very helpful for large weddings, and they are generally unnecessary for small weddings. I recommend a rehearsal if you are planning any kind of procession (walking down the aisle); or your ceremony includes bridesmaids, ushers, parents, etc.

Do I need a Justice at the rehearsal?
Yes and no. If you have a rehearsal it is a good idea to have everybody there, including the officiant. You will need somebody familiar with wedding ceremonies and customs to guide you through the process. This person could be a JP or minister, a wedding planner, a banquet coordinator, or your Aunt Margaret. Some JP's are quite particular about their ceremonies and require a certain format. Others (like me) are quite flexible.

Do you perform same-sex marriages?
For me a loving, committed relationship in which two people promise each other the safety and support necessary for their mutual growth and development as persons is a relationship that I will be happy to honor.

Can you help plan the wedding?
OK - you've found my weakness (that, and I can't sing). I will be happy to help you any way I can but I do not pretend to be a wedding planner.

What do your wear?
I wear a simple black robe over a navy suit. I will be happy to make other arrangements (tuxedo, religious attire, etc.) at your request.

Can we meet? Should we meet?
I meet with about 15% of my clients, always at their request, usually at my house at night or on a weekend. The other 85% of the ceremonies are planned via email which is the easiest way to communicate with me. Realistically speaking, the only reason we need to meet is to assure you that I look somewhat like my picture and that I don't have a squeaky stuttering voice. This isn't a concern for most of my clients because they were referred to me or they attended one of my ceremonies. There is no charge for these meetings and they usually last about 10 minutes.

Do you perform renewal of vows?
Absolutely. I think renewal ceremonies are just as important and just as beautiful as any wedding.

Where can I have the ceremony?
Anywhere you like, but there are some important rules that you have to keep in mind.
If you get a license in Massachusetts, you are free to have the ceremony anywhere in the Commonwealth. Other states, such as Rhode Island, are much more particular about the location of the ceremony. As a minister I can and have performed ceremonies outside of Massachusetts; however, I am morally obliged to ensure that the ceremony is sufficiently spiritual. In other words, you and your guests must understand that the ceremony is being performed in the presence of God and with His blessing.

Can you recommend a location?
Massachusetts is filled with thousands of great places to get married. 
I've always thought that the Martha Mary Chapel in Sudbury is one of the prettiest locations in the state.  I've even performed ceremonies across the street at the old grist mill.


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