One Perfect Day

Your life is filled with memories, but your wedding day stands above all others.
This will be your One Perfect Day.

I charge $425 per wedding.

This price include everything, the ceremony, the rehearsal, custom vows, pre-marital counseling, meetings, discussions, phone calls, travel, you name it.

There is absolutely no charge for meetings, discussions, phone calls before you select me as your officiant.

The fee is allocated $75 for the ceremony and $350 for the rehearsal and all expenses.  I know that this sounds like a silly price break down.  But Massachusetts laws are quite strict about how much a JP can charge for a ceremony.

If for any reason you feel that you cannot afford my fee please tell me.  I will be happy to perform your ceremony at no charge.

I have always believed that my primary purpose as a Justice of the Peace is to serve the community.  For many years I did not charge a fee for my services.  I relied on gratuities to cover my annual expenses.  Unfortunately, the gratuities never came close to covering my expenses.  Even worse, the people who I felt could most afford a gratuity were the least likely to offer one.  And the people that I felt could least afford a gratuity were often the most generous.

What if I can't afford $425?
I would be very happy to perform your ceremony at no charge.  Rest assured that every ceremony gets my full attention. All I sak is that we perform the ceremony at a time and location that is convenient for me. Typically I do them at my house on weeknights or weekends.

 Are your fees regulated?
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts regulates the fees that a Justice of the Peace can charge for a ceremony.  The statutory fee applies to the ceremony, preparation of the vows, and travel. The regulations do not cover the rehearsal, counseling, and/or other services. My all inclusive fee covers everything, the regulated fees and all services not specified in the regulations.

When do I have to pay?

I request that you pay in advance to reserve your wedding date.  About once a year somebody reserves a popular date (holiday weekend) far in advance, only to cancel as the date draws near.  I'm hoping to prevent this by charging in advance.

What about weddings outside of Massachusetts?

The rate is the same no matter where or when you get married.

Are there any other fees?

Since implementing this one-price-covers-all policy I have never charged an additional fee. In the very unlikely event that I would have to charge more (for example - if you request that I come dressed as a cowboy I would have to rent the costume) I will tell you in advance before accepting any payments.



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